All web design firms, development companies and digital agencies have their own method and style of how they create websites and apps.   Why are we WordPress evangelists? The reasons are many! Our firm has been developing in WordPress exclusively since 2009 and for that reason, we have become very WordPress savvy. Here is a list of top 10 reasons why we believe WordPress to be the best venue for design and development of your website or app.

1. The Possibilities Are Endless

When WordPress originally launched (back in 2003) it was mainly a blog system before it became what it is today.  WordPress offers extensive blog tools like no other. But because WordPress is an amazing Content Management System (CMS), it not only lets you design and run a great blog, the tools have expanded rapidly into one of the best web and app design tools of all time. The software allows website owners the ability to easily build and add content such as web pages, blog posts, imagery, videos, e-commerce and other additions. These things can be added to a WordPress site in literally minutes.

2.  WordPress Has Withstood the Test of Time

Experience, reputation and stability are the amenities people want from any service and WordPress has developed all of these.  Since 2003, the WordPress universe continues to expand rapidly. WordPress updates their CMS with new code, plugins, widgets, social media integration and other functions constantly. While other CMS software exists, there is nothing quite like WordPress anywhere.

3.  Easily Scalable and Updatable

Nearly any web designer, developer or coder can jump into WordPress and get it running quickly and efficiently. It’s simple, easy to fix and easy to change or upgrade. Whether you hire a developer to help you or you opt to build the website yourself, everyone agrees there is nothing better than WordPress to work in. In addition to the ease of use, there is a huge WordPress community that offers free advice and tips.

4.  WordPress is Search Engine Optimized (SEO Friendly)

Obviously, every website owner wants their website to appear on the top of the search engines.  Google, Bing, Yahoo and others are all WordPress friendly, so optimizing your website to be “findable” is much easier with WordPress than arguably any other development system available. In addition, WordPress offers incredible SEO tools such as Yoast, All-in-One and others, which help sites get properly indexed. Keep in mind, search engines change regularly and so do their algorithms.  WordPress has strategic relationships with almost all search companies, so site owners can be confident in knowing their site has a greater chance of being indexed well.

5. Top Companies Use WordPress

Some of the biggest brand names in the world build and power their sites in WordPress. Musicians, entertainers, artists, business owners, even large corporations such as Sony, Microsoft, Yahoo, Walt Disney Company, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Variety, and the BBC, build their site in WordPress! It’s no wonder why WordPress is one of the biggest CMS tools in the world. WordPress allows site owners to expand websites easily, effortlessly and quickly.

6. WordPress is an Open Source System

WordPress was created for easy content creation and free dissemination. Today, there are millions of people of all backgrounds working on perfecting WordPress every single day. Developers are always contributing to the software by submitting new updates, themes, plugins, and widgets. This helps keeping things fresh, new and relevant. Because it is an open source system, there is no cost to develop a WordPress website and you can build it yourself absolutely free of charge. There are obviously paid services available, but plenty of tools are at your fingertips at no cost to you.

7. Professionally Designed Themes

There are literally thousands of free themes a site owner can find on the WordPress Repository. If you are willing to invest a little time, you will find some incredible free designs you can activate in seconds!  If you want an aesthetically advanced design, you can invest a little bit of money into a fantastic premium theme available for sale.  These themes are relatively inexpensive and will look awesome!

8. Mobile Ready

The saying today is this, “if your site is not designed for mobile, you are not in business.”  Sites need to be “responsive” in nature and function properly on phones, tablets and laptops.  The day of the traditional desktop computer is waning and being replaced by smaller, more powerful devices. If your website is not made in responsive technology it will not show up well on mobile, which can be very costly for you down the road.

9. Customer Interaction and Feedback

There is nothing quite like WordPress for connecting people together. Between the blogging tools, “call to action” capabilities, automation tools and social media integration, WordPress allows site owners to really commune with viewers. Online visitors can easily contact site owners, leave blog posts, send messages or share information like no other system out there.

10. Massive WordPress Community

as with any technology, there is nothing that is completely error-free.  Sometimes things can get a little bit buggy. WordPress has become so popular there are WordPress communities around the globe that offer assistance. You can look for answers to problems by searching online. They even have special WordPress events you can attend, allowing attendees to meet with others from around the world.

These are just some of the reasons Dream Builders develops websites and apps in WordPress. Questions or interest in this article? Contact us for details!

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