1. Endless Capabilities

With nearly 50,000 plugins available within the WordPress community, the site building capabilities are nearly endless. From search engine analytics to social media assistance to advanced search engine optimization (SEO) tools, it’s no wonder why so many companies are flocking to the WordPress system in the droves.  For every industry, business, hobby, non-profit organization, institution, or entrepreneurial venture you can think of, WordPress most likely “has an app” for that.

2. Tremendous Scalability

What many companies and websites owners don’t often think about is how easy it is to lose a lead.  If your site or mobile app is inefficient, doesn’t load fast or work properly, that prospect is gone, unlikely to return again. The pressure to beat the competition is higher than ever, so if your toolbox isn’t equipped to handle regular technology changes, your pocket book suffers the ultimate price of lost sales. That’s where WordPress can quickly come to the rescue!  So whether you want to increase sales, boost identity brand recognition, or attract more mailing list sign-ups, WordPress makes it easy to scale up fast without sacrificing downtime!

3. Top Social Media / Marketing Tools

As WordPress was originally created as a blogging tool, the technology is extremely effective in helping today’s websites become “findable” in search engines, directories and social media networks. In addition, managed WordPress hosting solutions help websites receive better indexing and ranking placement online.  In addition to all of this, WordPress has some of the best tools for integrating in mailing list sign-ups, membership centers, and offers the ability to list your RSS site feed to search engines, web directories, news sites, blogs, PR sites and other venues.  Properly implemented, RSS feeds can enhance your website ranking, making it easier to find you.

4. Strong Security Measures

While no system online is completely impervious to online attackers, WordPress makes security a top priority without a doubt.  There are countless security solutions available to WordPress site owners, offering companies and individual site owners alike greater peace of mind. These tools include enhanced login protections, form integration captcha codes, online security certificates for online shopping, closed network options, and much more.

5. Awesome E-Commerce Tools for Selling Products and Services

From inventory management to product sales and marketing, WordPress e-commerce tools are fantastic, and can be very low in cost – even free of charge for certain plugins. The great thing about WordPress is it easily integrates into all major shipping options such as FedEx, USPS and UPS. You can even customize your online store to offer specialty shipping, shopping categories, services and other perks. This kind of flexibility makes it easy to create the brand you desire.

These are just some of the reasons why people are jumping over to WordPress. If you haven’t considered changing up your website contact us about how we can help you with upgrading easily, quickly and affordably.

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