What is the difference between standard marketing, public relations (PR) and press?  Here is the short answer.  The point of PR is to influence, or more specifically, make the public think favorably about a particular company or brand, along with its products or services it provides in the marketplace.

In today’s complicated business world, technology is blurring the lines of tradition, which means PR, press and marketing have become hybrids of their former selves.  In particular, social media and blogging have completely changed the scope of all marketing as a whole.

Currently, companies and brands are distributing both press releases and marketing campaigns through social media outlets nearly instantly. Today, it has become much easier and faster to manage public relations than ever before.  However, everything has become extremely intertwined, making it very hard to tell where one function ends and another begins! 


At Dream Builders, we are experts in public relations, marketing and press.  Let us help you with your PR needs.  We know marketing, we know the proper channels and top media outlets, we know the social media world, and we know what it takes to create top level public relations to build a company or brand. Want to know more?  Contact us for more information. We think you’ll be very glad you did!

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