STEP 1: Brainstorm

Brainstorming with you about your website, app, plugin, or technology-based project is one of the most exciting times for everyone involved. We help guide the process, get the creative energy juices flowing and keeping things rolling on track. Everyone is active and ready to go! laughing

STEP 2: Document & Storyboard

This is where the creative juices are really flowing! Ideas, sketches and concepts are freely exchanged, heightened, energized and “put down on paper.” Everyone involved in the creative process has their vision of what they would like to “see in lights.” It’s an exciting time for the entire team.foot-in-mouth

STEP 3: Map & Layout

After storyboarding, it’s time to create the road map.  Just like building a dream home, your project needs a solid base and a sound building plan.  We build from the ground up to the sky, and from the sky back down to the ground. Proper wireframing and mapping are the keys to success. tongue-out

STEP 4: Create & Build

Together, we’ve planned it out.  Now its time to “pour the concrete!”  Production is in full swing and we make sure you are involved every step of the way.  Things are movin’ and shakin’ … It’s a thrill for everyone. wink

STEP 5: Launch

Woohoo! It’s go time! Usually we begin with a Soft Beta Launch to work out all the kinks, ensuring everything is exactly how you want it to be.  Once it’s passes all of the rigorous testing, it’s ready to roll live to the open market. Yay! cool

STEP 6: Market & Promote

The site is live and kickin’ and everyone is eager for results.  It’s now time to make your site publicly “findable.” A new phase of work begins as we launch a fantastic marketing campaign tailored to your needs.  You’re up, running, getting promoted, and open for business. Life is good! money-mouth


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