In order to build your goals and dreams you need a plan… a “S.M.A.R.T” plan. At Dream Builders, we build that plan custom tailored to YOU.

"S" for "Specific"

What Specific goals would you like to accomplish?
Set a realistic business objectives. Examples:

  • “Increase number of sales by 25%”
  • “Generate 200 new accounts by X date”
  • “Attract 1,000 new registered site members”
  • “Increase product line by 20%” … etc.

"M" for "Measurable"

What is your Measurement of accomplishment?
Establish solid, realistic criteria for measuring progress toward reaching goals:

  • Sales Tracking
  • Enrollment & Registration Increases
  • Website Traffic Statistics
  • Social Media Trackers, etc.

"A" for "Attainable"

Can your goal(s) be Attainable and realistically accomplished?

  • Are your goal (goals) realistic and attainable?
  • How do you plan to accomplish your goals?
  • Do you have a written itinerary or game plan?
  • Do you have formal plan of action to reach these goals?


"R" for "Relevant"

Are the goals Relevant your business needs?

  • Why is this goal (goals) important?
  • Will it help reach your vision or mission?
  • Do all of your goals align with one another?
  • Do your goals merit a positive impact on the big picture?


"T" for "Timely"

Can you accomplish these goals in a Timely fashion?
Setting dates and deadlines makes reaching goals more concrete.

  • Set a timeframe for goals (six months, one year, etc.)
  • Timeframes must be realistic and measurable.
  • Timeframes must be solid but also have flexibility.


It just goes to show you that being “SMART” is the best way to set goals.
We are certain you will agree!


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